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Pacman smorgasbord

Chomp chomp chomp
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This is sort of a real-life video game.

A physical hygienic maze contains edible items of various kinds including particularly nutritious "superfoods" as power pills. The player steers a jointed pair of hemispherical plastic bowls around the labyrinth with a controller pursued by a series of ghosts projected onto a sheet of glass between the game and the player. At the end of the level, the bowls contain a salad of the foods in the cabinet and fall into a dispenser to be eaten by the player.

I was thinking this would be fun, of course, but also might encourage a particular demographic which stereotypically eats junk food to consume healthier items.

nineteenthly, Nov 30 2011


       [+] but why not have the player pushing the cart around themself ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 30 2011

       Hmm. Perhaps have two options, one more involving than the other. There could be virtual reality supermarket shopping of course, with remote controlled shopping trolleys being driven around warehouses.
nineteenthly, Nov 30 2011

       This reminds me of this thing I saw once... It involved rats and mazes, and it seemed to be trying to prove some kind of point...
Alterother, Nov 30 2011

       Well there's 'The Sink'. Probably on YouTube. I'll scurry around the web and see if i can find a link.   

       Yerg, not on YT or IMDB. This'll take a while...
nineteenthly, Dec 01 2011

       I misread the title as "Pacman smorgasmbord" - something quite different.

This would be quite cool as a sort of remote-controlled restaurant salad bar.
hippo, Dec 01 2011

       //something quite different// Yes, but what?
mouseposture, Dec 01 2011


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