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Foot Bananas

Shoes that make your feet look like bananas.
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I have never seen this but would like to, could probably catch on as a trend.

I think the most important part is the texture of the material has to feel like the outside of a banana

You could wear these shoes if your intention was to be attacked by gorillas.

vfrackis, Apr 21 2009

(?) Halfbakery: Banana Slippers Banana Slippers
[zen_tom, Apr 21 2009]

http://www.bananashoes.org/ http://www.bananashoes.org/
[zen_tom, Apr 21 2009]


       I thought this was a new unit of measurement :)
phundug, Apr 21 2009

       Would they not be very slippery?
bungston, Apr 21 2009

       Has a certain, uh, peel.   

       I hate the idea. I think it deserves a ban.. an' a split!
daseva, Apr 21 2009

       You better split after that one...
blissmiss, Apr 21 2009


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