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Life Changing Shoes

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These are shoes with built in electronics that include a bluetooth radio for phone syncing and also a hydrolic spring configured to change the forward or backward pitch of the show sole.

Connected to your calendar this system activates when you are late for a meeting or appointment. Once it detects that you have an appointment and it determines your distance from your intended location and the fact that you are in motion. The system increases the incline of the soles thus making the wearer feel as if he or she is walking up hill in order to increase the difficulty of getting to the meeting.

When you're running late for something doesn't it always seem like you have to find the one hill in the city to walk up to get there or the tallest staircase in your way? It's in this moment I start questioning what I am doing in life to be where I am struggling to race uphill to a meeting I'm already late for.

These shoes causing this experience frequently enough could help the wearer to make a significant life change.

vfrackis, Dec 02 2014

6 life style shoe variations to consider https://www.youtube...watch?v=gAAzxdBkAdM
Cop, Indian, oil worker, motorcycle gang, cowboy, soldier [popbottle, Dec 02 2014]




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