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Improved Plunger

Should help...
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For those people out there (like myself) who have bad toilets that seem to get clogged by just about anything that goes down it, here's a solution. A new toilet plunger that looks similiar to the one we all use today, but, there's a plastic piece sticking out on the bottom. When you go to unclog the toilet, the plastic piece would help break up whatever's clogging it up, while you plunge. It would be bendable, so that it could pass the first bend easily. For storage, you can fold the plastic piece up, and set the plunger back wherever you usually keep it.
friendless-person, Dec 05 2003

A little how-to http://www.dulley.com/diy/df101.htm
[Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]

Use a Plumber's Snake http://www.thehomes...tos/drain/ucld.html
I gotta sn"A"ke, man [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       I just got a really bad mental image of someone shoveling food into their mouths with a plunger...
luecke, Dec 05 2003

       nice work, [friendless] (+)
neilp, Dec 05 2003

       Make the shaft of the plunger hollow so the plastic piece can safely retract into it.
kbecker, Dec 05 2003

       Maybe add a sound effects trigger mechanism, too.
waugsqueke, Dec 05 2003

       I just got a really bad mental image of someone shoving the plunger somewhere besides a toilet.   

       this is of course, because i had to imagine an extension piece that is long enough to reach through the length of piping past the bowl, yet sturdy enough not to break, and untextured for easy cleaning. naturally i am thinking of something that lends itself well to other activities. maybe there's already a plunger fetish website.
changokun, Dec 05 2003

Overpanic, Dec 05 2003

       Well this just took a plunge for the worse.   

       Hmmm. What about toothbrushes and lengths of Fisher Price Farm fence? For those things, you need a grabby hand. (I have toddlers)
lintkeeper2, Dec 06 2003

       //I think we've just discovered the reason you are friendless.//   

       I have one of those toilets where a toothpick would clog it.
friendless-person, Dec 11 2003

       You regularly pass toothpicks in your bathroom leavings...?
DrCurry, Dec 11 2003

       No. What I meant was, ANYTHING that goes down it will clog it. A toothpick is a small object, that's why I used that as an example.
friendless-person, Dec 12 2003

       painfully I would imagine
luecke, Dec 12 2003

       //how *would* you pass a toothpick?//   

       Very carefully.
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       //how *would* you pass a toothpick?//   

       by using your turn signals and waving to it
DesertFox, May 27 2004

       //how *would* you pass a toothpick?//   

       Use a two-handed sideways movement and impart a touch of spin, similar to passing a rugby ball.
imaginality, Jul 17 2006

       //how *would* you pass a toothpick?//   

       By giving it a D- or better on its report card
phundug, Jul 17 2006


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