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Forever Flush

self-cleaning pipes and plumbing
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This idea started after I got tired of pouring clog-remover down the drain (literally and economically). At first I just figured it could be used for any pipes or plumbing systems but recently I got the idea that it could be used to unclog your toilet too. Never plunge again! How nice would that be?! So, in the infancy of my idea I wanted to have some type of mechanical device with two little arms that insert into opposite sides of the pipe in question, each with a half-circle piece of metal on the ends filling the entire diameter of the inside of the pipe. These would sweep down the length of the pipe pushing or burning or burning and pushing the clog to the other end where it would drop out a levered door that was triggered to react when the cleaning arms approached. However, this presents many problems with containment (keeping the pipe air tight, no leaks) because the cleaning arms would have to be able to run the length of the pipe and the supporting arms would have to enter through the sides of the pipe somehow. But now, after I've done some research on magnets, namely neodymium magnets, for a wind turbine (generator) project that I am attempting to tackle, I came up with the idea that there could be one inserting super-strong neodymium magnet at either end of the pipe, or at the toilet end and the septic end which would be activated or inserted by the push of a button and one magnet would travel toward the other pushing the clog away from the drain or toilet end. Obviously there would still have to be some sort of dumping door at the one end, triggered by the approach of the magnet before the magnets met. Then the magnets would be mechanically seperated and the cleaner magnet would be pushed back to it's original starting position.
DiffusionFusion, Apr 12 2010


       // I got tired of pooring//

       (I think you're describing a "pig")
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 12 2010

       Sorry about that, thanks for the spellcheck and no, not a pig but dirty like one.
DiffusionFusion, Apr 12 2010

       Oh, a "pig." Now I see what you mean, I just looked it up, maybe I should do my homework first before I start spouting off at the mouth-pipe.
DiffusionFusion, Apr 12 2010

       But it looks like most of those pig cleaning methods are done on industrial-sized and city sewer systems. I'm talking about something for personal property use.
DiffusionFusion, Apr 12 2010


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