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Forever Non-Password Field Detecting iPhone

Why stop annoying millions when you can please a few old timers?
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Imagine how happy those nine people are who capitalize the first letter of their user name and password. Wouldn't it be a tragedy if Apple finally fixed the auto spellcheck default behavior bug/feature to suit the masses instead?

So my invention is an iPhone commemorative replica which cannot make calls (or has some other impairment to make it legally feasible even if completely reversible) but which will never allow future software updates to patch this feature/bug which exemplifies Apple's once-fabled product strategy which always knew best, and more importantly, acted on it.

The rest of us who made our usernames all lowercase thinking it would always be less effort, if only fractionally so, will finally get our way, but do we really want to force our will on people who still think usernames should have capital letters in them? Sure, they probably still have AOL, and say "snail mail", but, at long last, have we no sense of community?

fishboner, Jun 03 2013




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