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Fight or Flight Phone

Portable advisor for habitual drunks and others
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When you can see you might be getting into a fight or flight situation, you press a big red button on your cell phone and it advises you to fight or run away.

The cheap model flips a coin. The more expensive model watches and listens the best it can before rendering an opinion.

Both call an ambulance/ police/ hearse if they sense a fight has occurred and nothing more has happened for a while.


Against: What drunk will even think to push the red button?

If you are out of your mind angry, what chance is there you will listen to the advice?

The product liability insurance prices alone will make sure this product never sees daylight.

For: Nice to have a cell phone with a big red button.

popbottle, Aug 09 2014


       /big red button/ +, if it's labelled 'DON'T PANIC'
afinehowdoyoudo, Aug 09 2014

       I like the concept and the name. I'm not sure of the mechanics though. A partial bun for you. (Which is a bun anyway you look at it.)
blissmiss, Aug 09 2014


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