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Heartbreak Hotel

what some of our visitors said about us …
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“I must applaud your decision to purchase your mattresses from ‘Hard as Nails Inc.’”

“& looking forward to re-visiting your hotel next time I get unceremoniously dumped by some heartless b*****d”

“excellent, the food was bland, the beer was warm and the staff were completely indifferent…”

“I chose to stay at your hotel because I did not want to be surrounded by happy people at a time when I was feeling so totally rejected. I was not disappointed”

“would your chef send me the recipe for that lumpy custard?”

“…your staff showed genuine apathy for your customers! Congratulations!”

“the bar staff were great. I particularly liked the ‘Mexican Deathwish’ and the ‘mind eraser’”

po, Oct 18 2005

Baked? http://www.fawltysite.net/
[angel, Oct 19 2005]

Cryettes An empty box of these in every room. [phundug, Oct 20 2005]


       "Thankyou for your total contempt, it was comforting to have my complete lack of self-esteem vindicated. I shall be returning after my next disasterous fling to be ignored by your attractive and unavailable barmaid."
wagster, Oct 19 2005

       " My wife and I particularly enjoyed the outside bedding, toilet and shower facilities "
skinflaps, Oct 19 2005

       "I particularly enjoyed the non functioning list, errr I mean lift."
hidden truths, Oct 19 2005

       "Taking my child's hamster and presenting it as a rat in the ratatouille was a stroke of heartbreaking genius.."
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 19 2005

       actually more than a touch! <scratch>
po, Oct 20 2005

       //“excellent, the food was bland, the beer was warm and the staff were completely indifferent… // . . . cured my homesickness right up."
phundug, Oct 20 2005

       "Oh, and give my compliments to the serial-killer- masquerading-as-a-chef"
Mr Phase, Oct 20 2005

       I especially appretiated the tv and internet services that, according to your staff, was just added, and "superb", while being "under maintanance" the entire weekend. The staf infection I got from your shower was also nice.
Weirdo55, Oct 20 2005

       Roomservice catered by 'Good God It's Monday's.'
RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2005

po, Oct 21 2005

       "The one cold setting AC only helped me fully explore my feeling bitter and cold"
Antegrity, Oct 22 2005

       Oh Honey Bun, You so need an Alpha male
The Kat, Oct 23 2005

       And the movie selection! how long has it been since I cried over Debra Winger...
dentworth, Oct 23 2005


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