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Wii Reckless Danger

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A Wii game which allows you to do things which might be dangerous in the real world. E.g.: Holding your Wii controller like a fork, you stick it into a virtual electrical socket; Running, while holding your Wii controller/virtual pair of scissors, you trip and watch the fountains of virtual blood from your on-screen character; Then your Wii controller becomes a loaded handgun which needs cleaning... etc., etc.
hippo, May 06 2009


       Or Wii'ing on a electric fire.
skinflaps, May 06 2009

       Pulling your wii into a silly face under unpredictable weather conditions.
zen_tom, May 06 2009

       Putting your unprotected wii-wii into Paris Hilton.
shudderprose, May 06 2009

       So this is a nice family game to teach your kids that it is fun to stick a fork into an electrical **plug**?   

       {Sticking the metaphorical fork into the pedant}
Jinbish, May 06 2009

       (-) Meh. Provocation, yay, but this doesn't actually "work" as a game.
jutta, May 06 2009

       But it might, though not in a traditional sense of something that requires completing, rather as one of the inane and momentarily amusing party games such as might be found on a multi-game bundle CD (alongside Rope Waggling, Monkey Velociraptor, Electro-Butt Fusion and Smoosh the Peas): the mini game millieu is a crude dolls house (yes, the house of a crude doll), with various potentially dangerous implements and fixtures dotted about. Your job, such as it is, is either to complete as many of these risky tasks, bearing the exaggerated Chuck Jones consequences, within the limited amount of time allotted, or help your poor avatar mope about the doll house/bedsit, living a life of harmless mundanity.
calum, May 06 2009

       I like it. The goal could be to kill your avatar in as many different ways as possible.
loonquawl, May 06 2009

phundug, May 06 2009


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