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Forking for Fondue

A fork designed to use with fondue or in other dipping situations
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This fondue fork minimises contact between mouth and dip that occurs indirectly when a fork is redipped after use. The fork has two locations where food is pronged. The primary fork (which has a handle) has a secondary fork with sits directly over the top of the primary fork. The secondary fork can be retracted up the handle of the first fork.

The primary fork is used to fork the item to be dipped (for example, bread or meat). The item is then dipped using the primary fork.

Once dipping is complete, the secondary fork advances, removes the item off the primary fork and moves the food away from the primary fork, where it can then be put in mouth.

The secondary fork is then retracted and the primary fork is ready for a new piece of food. Or alternately, if there was food remaining on secondary fork it is repronged on primary fork for redipping.

Graphic representation to come hopefully.

Lacus Trasumenus, Apr 23 2004


       I like it, so long as the secondary fork doesn't just push the food off the primary fork onto my lap.
swamilad, Apr 23 2004

       If you're worried about bacteria, surely they'll mostly be killed off in the molten, bubbling cheese. Anyway, I'd only share fondue with my friends or family (can't imagine a situation where this wouldn't be the case), and I've probably got all their germs already.   

       Of course, purists such as myself who have eaten fondue in Gruyere <looks at fingernails in bored, affected manner>, wouldn't *dream* of using such a thing, but I suppose it's alright for the plebs.
squeak, Apr 23 2004

       Surely [squeak], you wouldn't commit such a gross breach of etiquette ;)   

       In attempting to draw this thing, I have found one reasonably important drawback to this idea - putting the fork through the inside of one's cheek.
Lacus Trasumenus, Apr 24 2004

       But look who you’re talking to! In this crowd, any fork is a dangerous weapon.
ldischler, May 14 2004


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