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Honeybee Sauce Fork II

Optimised Sauce Recovery
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The honeybee sauce fork has a soft-grip rubber handle. The rubber extends halfway down the back of the tines and is covered in tiny-weeny nubbles which trap sauce, gravy, salad dressing and jus in the same way that the hairs on a honeybee's legs trap pollen. Just wipe the be-gravied plate with the back of the fork, transfer to mouth. Gravy heaven.

(Works for egg yolk, too)

squeak, Jun 25 2003

Honeybee pollen brushes http://www.microsco...ry/honeybeeleg.html
Just like this but made of rubber and on a fork [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Is this really a year old? no one wants to comment on a nifty little fork for gravy scraping? Well, I'd like it because I get frowned upon when I use bread to soak up all the juicy leavin's at dinner (because we're WASPS, not Italians).
dentworth, Jul 01 2004


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