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Forseth Scrabble

The best scrabble ever.
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The problem with scrabble is you must know something, and your ability to remember things you know decreases as you drink. This adaptation is named after my buddy Mike Forseth, who invented it.

You can play any "word" so long as you can use it in a sentence. For example: "whebo". Sentence: "Do you guys like to bo? Yeah, whebo." This is not a game for people who want to hold words and play to a high standard. Misspellings are always ok since it will sound ok when you say the word. Depictions of sounds a la Batman are OK as long as the person playing the words can demonstrate the sound. Foreign words are OK if the person can speak the language, or at least do a comical accent.

Advantages to Forseth Scrabble:

1. Scrabble snobs lose their advantage.
2. Kids and dumb people have fun too.
3. Beer improves playing ability.
4. Much, much faster.

bungston, Dec 07 2004


       Tooo many scrabble ideas.   

DesertFox, Dec 07 2004


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