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Glass cans

now wouldn't this be nice to see
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I know this wouldn't be feasable for a long term arrangement, but really now...wouldn't it be nice to have a coke in a clear glass can?
shinobi, Dec 10 2005

Glass Can http://www.thegreen...glass-toilet-sm.jpg
Sorta. [DrCurry, Dec 14 2005]

an article (2002) about clear cans http://www.foodengi...,6330,96499,00.html
see, I told you, they're coming back ! [neilp, Dec 14 2005]


       Glass really doesn't have the right mechanical properties. How about plastic or perspex?   

       (I'm not entirely clear why plastic coke bottles don't already come can-shaped - there may be more mechanical principles at work.)
DrCurry, Dec 10 2005

       Blue or Red?
reensure, Dec 10 2005

po, Dec 10 2005

       Great minds think alike.
reensure, Dec 10 2005

       They don't come can-shaped because creating an opening mechanism would be much more complicated. You could have the can plastic with a metal top, that might work. Keeping a good seal might be a problem though.
Sparty, Dec 12 2005

       They make so many other types of plastic cans that have a pop-off top. I cant imagine why it would be any different for soda.
Jscotty, Dec 12 2005

       I bet you could keep colas in a Mason jar. Mason jars are not unpleasant to drink out of.
bungston, Dec 13 2005

       A glass seal that is thin enough it can be broken without producing a dangerous edge yet strong enough that it can contain the pressure inside the can. All while making the whole system cheap enough to rival aluminum can production.   

       It's a goddamn holy grail.
daseva, Dec 13 2005

       //It's a goddamn holy grail// Shirley, the Holy Grail is God Blessed?
coprocephalous, Dec 13 2005

       Crack it open like an egg.
Zuzu, Dec 14 2005

       yeah, Tab Clear was all the rage in the 80s.. see through cans are nothing new..
neilp, Dec 14 2005

       Is this not a bit WIBNI?
spekkie, Dec 14 2005

       No - read [neilp]'s anno.
wagster, Dec 14 2005

       I'm amazed this isn't a widely-known.
neilp, Dec 14 2005

       I know this guy who drinks out of a vase.
MikeOxbig, Dec 15 2005

       Brian Potter?
Minimal, Dec 15 2005

MikeOxbig, Dec 15 2005

       "I know a pissed horse when I see one! Get it a kebab!"   

       - Brian Potter reacts to finding an inebriated equine in the Pennine Suite.
skinflaps, Dec 15 2005

       I'm still not following you guys.
MikeOxbig, Dec 15 2005

       I think Brian Potter is a character on a BBC show called "Pheonix Nights", apparantly. The problem with US shows are that the mainstream ones here are basically plastered all over the gd globe as well.   

       [ Remembering TV in a London hotel, looking for a local comedy -- finding "Friends" :( ]
Zuzu, Dec 15 2005

       "Friends" made it all the way over there? Oh God, its spreading. Run for your lives!
MikeOxbig, Dec 16 2005


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