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Fortune Cookie Financial Advice

Get your money advice at lunch
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In this day and age of instant financial advice, it's important to be able get such advice in all possible forms. If you are not paying attention to your cellphone/palm-pilot/blackberry/laptop at all times, you might miss something.

Thus, we have the Fortune Cookie Financials, which offers up a tasty fortune cookie filled with the latest worldwide stock market data (fortunes are printed just before being brought to the table, and deliver important, and sometimes obscure, info - the type you may not have access to any other way).

Knowing that somewhere in the world, at each given instant, some company is probably doing something to either double their stock value or cut it in half, this kind of "instant info" will be valuable at any hour of any day in any country. Ideally, every restaurant on earth could eventually begin offering the *after dinner fortune cookie*. And someday, an addiction can be named after it (referring to people who cannot leave an eatery for fear of missing a key bit of financial advice.) Of course, since such advice is constantly changing and flowing, each Cookie after the initial free one costs money.

sleeka, Sep 20 2005

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       "Unbroken Fortune Cookies Likely to Skyrocket in Value"
phundug, Sep 20 2005

       Can't possibly be worse than the financial advice I've taken over the years.   

shapu, Sep 20 2005

       (personalized) ... call your broker.
reensure, Sep 20 2005

       Given that fortune cookies around here include picks for the Lotto, perhaps they already do give financial advice...
DrCurry, Sep 20 2005

       Suggested category: Food: Cookie: Fortune Cookie.   

       If the addiction you mention is cookieholism then I must confess to having had it for years.
hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

       I don't mean to start a list, but today my fortune cookie said "If Winter is here, can Spring be far behind."   

       I'm not sure the fortune cookie firms are even trying anymore. At least put something good in there - like "The truth is...banana peels are just not that slippery."
sleeka, Nov 19 2005

       // "If Winter is here, can Spring be far behind."//   

       A friend gave me a bracelet once that read, "Your fate is your destiny"   

       Can someone tell me how that is not like saying "Your hat is your cap"?
Zuzu, Nov 19 2005

       I'd rather get this news before the market closed... lunch sounds good. I'd be bummed if I found that my entire portfolio crashed and I missed the sell because I wanted my veggie eggroll for dinner instead of lunch.
SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 21 2005


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