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Fortune Cookie Lottery

What's inside
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Out of the many millions of fortune cookies, some shouldn't have a fortune, instead, they should randomly have a few select cookies and insert a redeemable lottery prize ticket inside. If you get a fortune, good! but if you get one of the special lottery cookies, even better!

All prizes redeemable at a lottery prize reddemer place near you!

DesertFox, Jan 14 2005

Yokozuna, Terukuni http://sumo.goo.ne....ozuna/terukuni.html
Terukuni tried for thirty years to win the FC Lottery [ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 19 2005]

Eat one get one free Secretions
[theircompetitor, Jan 19 2005]


       Nice. Prices could include free meals (in the restaurant) or even if the fortune lottery cookie you got is not a winner, it could be an actual lottery ticket, with chances to win.
Pericles, Jan 18 2005


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