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Fortune cookie decoder

Browse through cookies without opening them, and pick one with a message you like
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The Fortune Cookie Manufacturers' Association of America will establish a new standard for fortune cookies. At the fortune cookie factory, operators enter messages in a computer, with are added to a database as wells a printed on RFID tags, which are placed in cookies.

Diners in Chinese restaurants will be given an RFID wand that they can use to scan a bowl of fortune cookies. The wand will be connected wirelessly through the internet to the fortune cookie database, and display each cookie's message on an LCD. The diners will therefore be able to select a cookie that contains an appropriate and appreciated message.

For backward compatibility, the wand will also contain an X-Ray source to radiate the cookie, and X-Ray screen to be placed on the other side of the cookie, allowing the user to read the messages enclosed in old-fashioned fortune cookies.

DavideAndrea, May 15 2010

http://www.halfbake...:t=All_20Categories [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 16 2010]


       Of course, all the good fortunes would get picked first, leaving a bowl full of bad ones. Thus enabling the restaurant to advertise promotions along the lines of "New batch of fortune cookies just received from the bakery! Book your reservations early, before all the good fortunes are taken."
mouseposture, May 15 2010

       Alternatively, if you could disguise the technology in a normal-appearing fortune cookie, you could create some proximate near-term predictions that could really screw with the recipient's mind.
RayfordSteele, May 15 2010

       It's kind of cheating but...I like it.   

       On a side note; I've scoped out your profile page a few times now and I can't help but notice how long it is.
If you paste this [link] into your favorites list, you can access them any time and still be able to put something a tad more personal on your profile page.

       Feel free to delete this drivel.   


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