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Highly Accurate Fortune Cookies

No more vague innacurate fortunes
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Inspired by the "past fortune" cookie idea, my variation is to have fortunes that are really obvious, and thus always 100% accurate. None of the vague "you may go on a trip sometime" type messages. Here are some ideas: 1. The sun will come up tomorrow morning 2. You are made of molecules 3. You are reading English words 4. You had parents (or perhaps you were cloned) 5. Objects in mirror are behind you 6. You will die, ultimately
musicator, Jul 12 2004


       how 'bout : 'this idea will collect many fishbones.'
xclamp, Jul 12 2004

bristolz, Jul 12 2004

       um, about #5., sometimes objects in the mirror are in front of you.
sninctown, May 18 2006

       If I found this entire idea inside a fortune cookie one time, I would then be amused.
epicproblem, May 18 2006


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