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Fortune bread

Confusius say...
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Bread with fortune-cookie-like 'fortunes' printed on the individual slices in edible ink.

The picky can choose their own fortune for lunch.

(A nod to [cameron] for his "Prize bread" idea)

{Added subcatagory: In the vein of [cameron]'s prize bread, 'winning slices' - with prize information on them - could be included}

phoenix, Nov 13 2001

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       I thought of this yesterday   

       you know that theory that says that every decision you make results in a new reality or something.... endless realities.... I think it works backwards in this place they all come together in one   

       oooh err
po, Nov 13 2001

       [po] Confusius say "He who hesitates gets the heel."
phoenix, Nov 13 2001

       [PeterSealy] Confusius say "He who doubts should stick with pita."
phoenix, Nov 13 2001

       I was just reading the other day that there are internet-enabled toasters that electronically toast the daily forcast onto your morning toast. Sorry, i don't have a link handy. It was probably a link from /.   

       Anyway, if they can get a toaster to find the forecast on the internet and toast it onto your bread, perhaps they could be convinced to make one that prints a random fortune from /bin/games/fortune. You could do the whole thing with linux and not have to pay any royalties, either.
cameron, Nov 14 2001

       [cameron] Confusius say "He who upset capitalism must be dirty communist bastard."
phoenix, Nov 14 2001

       Perhaps the fortunes could be written on the crusts in poppy seeds.
bristolz, Nov 14 2001

       [phoenix] Naw, us canadians are more socialist than communist. :-P
cameron, Nov 14 2001


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