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Bacon DGW Loaf

bacon shaped loaf service
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Most supermarkets will feed their own loaves of bread through a slicer for customers who prefer not to do their own cutting.

Bacon Loaf takes this process one stage further by offering customised loaves, perfectly contoured to receive individual rashers of bacon.

Ordering a Bacon Loaf is a two stage process, beginning with the slices of bacon.

Each pack of bacon has a contour code printed on its wrapper, which the loaf maker scans, in the format of a DGW autocad file (or similar). This instructs the breadmaking machine to adjust the form in which the bread is made to alter its shape accordingly, so that the emerging loaf corresponds exactly to that of the previously scanned bacon.

Matching loaf and bacon pack are then express delivered by special dispatch riders.

(idea to answer 21Q's prayers - see link)

xenzag, Jan 15 2010

Square_20Bacon [xenzag, Jan 15 2010]


       "If the Bacon wont come to the bread, the bread will come to the bacon."
zen_tom, Jan 15 2010


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