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twin sliced bread

thick and thin slices in the same loaf !
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thick at one end, thin (or medium) at the other. ideal for families.
clinicallyobeast, Aug 24 2006

(??) You could put in a custom order. http://www.worth100...500/64615MRuQ_w.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 24 2006]

Schizo-socialism http://www.amazon.c...001?ie=UTF8&s=books
This loaf of bread will successfully prevent Oedipus Complexes - just what we need. Indeed very important for families. [django, Aug 26 2006]


       Is it a step change from thick to thin, or does it gradually get thinner as you work your way through the loaf? The latter would be good for stretching a loaf out until the next supermarket visit.
Texticle, Aug 24 2006

       get a Zeno's loaf, and it lasts for ever.
xenzag, Aug 24 2006

       Oddly enough, I got this today from a normal loaf!
xandram, Aug 24 2006

       nout wrong with this idea.
jonthegeologist, Aug 24 2006

       Or the halfbaker's version: quarter-baked at one end, baked at the other end, and half in the middle.
phundug, Aug 24 2006

       [Half] would have something to say about that?   

       And lay of my loaf [Xenzag].
zeno, Aug 25 2006

       [2 fries], can't find your link. I'm assuming it was a loaf of bread with random thick and thin slices, looking like a barcode.   

       If it wasn't, then I hereby claim that image.
moomintroll, Aug 25 2006

       Fibonacci thickness bread!
Jinbish, Aug 25 2006

       This is how I already slice bread that I bake... Not on purpose of course...
James Newton, Aug 25 2006

       This model represents democracy based on diversity of choices (equality through diversity), whereas the traditional regularly sliced bread represents old marxist-leninist notions of democracy, that is, equality as in 'shut up, everyone gets the same slice'. The schizoanalytically shaped slices clearly represent post-revolutionary capitalo-parliamentary democratic values, and is indeed extremely post-modern!!
django, Aug 26 2006

       Not related to Anne Elk (miss) are you?
egbert, Aug 26 2006

       [UnaBubba], but why? What skill. Food is Art!
Zimmy, Aug 26 2006

       Hmmm, the link works for me [moomintroll].
It's either a picture of a normal guy sawing an enormous loaf of bread, or it's a really tiny guy sawing a normal loaf of bread.

       Your image claim is valid.   


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