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Peptoid Mini-Pastries

Minidonuts that Sooth
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I was eating a chocolate minidonut just now and had the thought "I wish the frosting was a coating of peto-bismol instead of cocoa wax".

Wallah! One thing lead to another and now I want eat peptoid mini-pastries. Custard filling optional.

quantum_flux, Nov 22 2010

just pink frosting http://2.bp.blogspo...nut_MAIN%5B1%5D.jpg
[xandram, Nov 23 2010]


       So, this is a flavour?
xenzag, Nov 22 2010

       //flavour?// Depends. If you view it as doughnut-flavored Pepto-Bismol, then, yes. But it seems more like a doughnut with added Pepto-Bismol. The core of the idea seems to be that Pepto- Bismol is particularly appropriate to counteract the effects of too many doughnuts. It's like cigarettes with added chemotherapy drugs, or opium with added laxatives.
mouseposture, Nov 23 2010

       It's both a donut flavour and a medicinal aid as well. I don't usually eat chocolate donuts unless somebody else buys them, but on the other hand you do need to get endorphines of happiness somehow.
quantum_flux, Nov 23 2010

       [xenzag] OK, I give up. Flavour.
mouseposture, Nov 23 2010

       huh? it'd be a flavour if the post had said "wish I had a pepto flavoured donut" instead of "wish I had a donut coated with pepto. The category would be different too I imagine... [edit] oh... still....
FlyingToaster, Nov 23 2010

       Maybe they could put pink minidonut tracers in with the chocolate minidonuts.
quantum_flux, Nov 23 2010

       (+) for //Minidonuts that Sooth//   

       hmmmmm thinks... barium meal doughnuts,
po, Nov 23 2010

       It's not a flavour, but there are Pink Frosted doughnuts! (I think it's a medicinal food.)
xandram, Nov 23 2010

       Agree on the non-flavor. (Please put down the torches and pitchforks in the puncture- and fireproof receptacle near the entrance.) Internet factoid: the flavor of Pepto-Bismol is actually Wintergreen, although nowadays it's more likely to be Cherry.
jutta, Nov 23 2010

       // put down the torches and pitchforks //   

       You're no fun any more ....   

       [+] for the idea.
8th of 7, Nov 23 2010

       We could combine the two by igniting a small bale of straw on the tines of the pitchfork. My main worry is that it would burn out too quickly.
pertinax, Nov 23 2010

       Ha ha! Every time I see a pink-frosted donut, I will think of Pepto-Bismol and this idea. :)
XSarenkaX, Nov 23 2010

       bun because it's a cool idea. Bone because blargh.
Voice, Nov 24 2010


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