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A phone with a "forward call" button
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A telemarketer calls you. You answer "Hold on, I'll connect you..." and press this button on your phone. Then the call will be forwarded to the *previous* telemarketer which called you. Next time the mentioned telemarketer will get the call forwarded and so on. This should keep *two* telemarketers busy figuring who's selling what to whom. Your phone (through using this button) keeps track of which number was the previous telesales call.
jstf, Jan 18 2005


       Costs $ to forward, where I live.
reensure, Jan 18 2005

       How do you get the number of the last telemarketer? I hear that they're usually blocked.
half, Jan 18 2005

       I like this. Make it a party-line service, so you don't have to happen to have two telemarketers call one house at once.   

       [half] You'd say "can you hold while I grab a pen?", then forward them to the telemarketer party line where they are connected to another telemarketer sent there from someone else.
Worldgineer, Jan 18 2005

       Worth (a little) $ to do this I should think. Especially if they give up and leave me alone!! Croissant!
gardnertoo, Jan 19 2005

       Forward to a company with a voice mail jail. Or simply play a recording directing the junk solicitor to call a number. ?
popbottle, Jun 29 2013

       Why is there not (or is there) an app which makes the appropriate "uh huh..... yep..... really?.... hang on a second while I get a pen... yes, I'm still here..." noises to keep telemarketers occupied?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2013


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