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Fountain Pen Docking Station

Cleans and refills your pen.
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When you're not using your fountain pen you put it into the docking station on your desk. The station checks the ink level in the pen and fills it up when it's low.

Every night, at a programmable point during the wee small hours, the ink flushed through the pen a few times to clean it, and the pen is refilled ready for a new day.

Every few weeks (or at the push of a button) the pen is more thoroughly cleaned. The ink is drained and a cleaning solution run through the pen. A small amount of ink is then flushed through the pen (to wash out the cleaning solution) and the pen is refilled.

Never run out of ink again or have your pen crust up on you because you've neglected it. Pens would have to be specially designed to work with the docking station and would take cartridges for when you're away from home.

st3f, Jan 23 2006

You call a Cross expensive? http://www.worldlux...collection=&filter=
Now this is expensive... [bristolz, Jan 23 2006]

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       Would be good for rapidographs, too. If anyone still uses them.
DrCurry, Jan 23 2006

       My girl would *love* this. She has a bit of a pen fetish.
wagster, Jan 23 2006

       Excellent. USB powered of course, with an on-screen display of your pen status (when docked) and the level of ink in the dock.
hippo, Jan 23 2006

       How about the dock having a little ultrasonic cleansing action built in, too?
bristolz, Jan 23 2006

       And as the adverts for those "super" fountain pens state, it can be stabbed through a soft drinks can - as I am wont to do.
fridge duck, Jan 23 2006

       I was pondering this. It would not seem to require loads of technology. I would think such a thing would have been popular and useful, an achievable with that day's technology back at the zenith of the fountain pen.
bungston, Oct 03 2008

       I want it! I want it! I want it!   

       The world has quite a few fountain-pen collectors and users: including deep-pockets types such as Bill Cosby.   

       Believe me, we fountain-pen collectors (most of whom DO use most of our pens) would pay -- and pay WELL -- for such an item!
KateGladstone, Oct 04 2008

       A Dock suitable for collectors would have to work with many different types of pen though. That's a pretty different engineering proposition from what's described here.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 05 2008


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