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Fractal Letter Fonts and Stories

Printing it could be difficult.
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Picture an entire short story told around the edge of a word or phrase. A story created using such fonts could be constructed in such a way so that closer examination reveals more intricate knowledge of the details of the story. Maybe the highest level could be the title of the book.

Seems to be a great way to tell a riddle. Wrap it in a mystery, inside an enigma. Clues to the mystery could be found around the edges of the font words themselves. Actual self-similarity might be tricky to pull off, so maybe not an actual fractal per se, but...

RayfordSteele, Jul 05 2013

Lewd type Times_20Lewd_20Roman
[xenzag, Jul 05 2013]

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       [+]. Wondering if the annotations which should be on this idea are in fact hidden in the letters. Have you see that bit in 'Goedel Escher Bach'?
nineteenthly, Jul 05 2013


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