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Not now Igor you fool!
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Take one collection of various beer steins and cut matching chunks from each mug with a diamond blade band saw.
Reconfigure whole mugs from the different pieces with super glue.
Attach bolts to the base of each Franken-stein, and wait in the tower for the next lightning storm.

Carlton Draught www.carltondraught.com.au
Made From .... Beer? [vigilante, Nov 01 2004]

Cheers Igor! http://www.beer-ste...udsteins/cs323L.jpg
[cromagnon, Nov 04 2004]


       may produce franken stains
benfrost, Nov 01 2004

       Any Aussies will know the Carlton Draught "Made From Beer" ad campaign. [2fries] could roll out the Franken-steins "Made From Steins" series with no problems, I'm guessing. +
vigilante, Nov 01 2004

       Silly name - Check!
Stupid idea - Check!
Diamond-bladed cutting device - Check!
Manic laughter - Check!
Croissant - Check!
DocBrown, Nov 01 2004

       Ha. Not microwave safe. +
sartep, Nov 01 2004

       You microwave your beer ?
normzone, Nov 01 2004

       stupid alien. ; )
k_sra, Nov 01 2004

       It's not like I drink your liquid mana anyway, Eartor. :P
sartep, Nov 02 2004

       Building your own Franken-stein is thirsty work. You might need a replica to use as a stop-gap.+[link]
cromagnon, Nov 04 2004

       Awsome link [Cromagnon].   


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