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Yard of Vuvuzela

Repurposing the racket
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Give away a small plug with every four-pack of beer sold in and around the world cup stadia. The plug clips securely onto the mouthpiece of a Vuvuzela, converting it into a huge beer receptacle, not unlike a yard of ale, or one of those yards of margueritas that the Vegans* are so fond of.

This will make the device unplayable while the player is making his way through the beer. Hopefully when it becomes playable again, the player will be sufficiently sedated to avoid the temptation to play it.

Plugs are available in the usual array of national colours.

*People in Vegas. Although I have no proof that extreme vegetarians and beings from around Vega don't like to knock back the odd cocktail.

wagster, Jun 15 2010

A yard of ale http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yard_glass
Do not attempt this anywhere [wagster, Jun 16 2010]

A_20Yard_20of_20Tea not to be confused with [xenzag, Jun 16 2010]

giant kwak glas http://nieuwsblad.typepad.com/eeklo/
8 pics down [zeno, Jun 18 2010]


       If only the watered down Budweiser sold at the stadia was drinkable in yard quantities.   

       Why not 2 plugs? A smaller and larger. Filling the vuvu with beer and capping it might make it heavy enough to throw onto the pitch. With a splash.   

       + for any alternative use of the thing.
shudderprose, Jun 15 2010

       +Yay, something that make sense AND involves alcohol!!!!
(move to new category..)
xandram, Jun 15 2010

       Ooops! Better?
wagster, Jun 15 2010

       Better market it with free refills, because I don't think the following is going to be true once the drinker/vuvuzelateer has finished a yard of beer: //the player will be sufficiently sedated to avoid the temptation to play it.//
swimswim, Jun 15 2010

       //watered down Budweiser //
I thought they added water to Budweiser to give it flavour.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 15 2010

       Maybe we could put a more powerful sedative into the plug itself, to be released on contact with dodgy beer?
wagster, Jun 15 2010

       Imagine using a Vuvuzela in a Vauxhall Velox in Venezuela.
xenzag, Jun 15 2010

       My house in college owned one of these. Being Texans, we were ignorant of its original purpose and referred to it as the "Beer Horn." It was used as a funnel (beer bong) rather than as a large glass... cheers always greeted anyone who could produce a note on it after the rapid consumption of several beers. A short period of this kind of use might render fans' physically incapable of playing the vuvuzela for the rest of the game.
ryokan, Jun 15 2010

       //Whilst performing vivisection// and shouting Va-va-voom
xenzag, Jun 15 2010

       A yard glass is in fact a yard long (36"). I remember it as holding exactly four pints, but wikipedia says it holds around 2.5 pints, and wikipedia is considerably more accurate than me. There are a few references to it being used by coachmen, which is interesting because Kwak glasses have the same story to them, although they are a sensible size. Kwak glasses also come with the holder that was screwed onto the coach, so you actually get somewhere to put them.   

       By the way if anyone thinks Budweiser is a beer, they should try a glass of Kwak. It's like Kraft cheese slices vs. handmade gorgonzola.
wagster, Jun 16 2010

       Hence the expression... "Fancy a kwak one?"
xenzag, Jun 16 2010

       There is a worse beer than Bud (though I don't drink beer) in the US called Old Milwalkee. I have a friend who drinks it just so other friends don't ask him for one!! We call it Ol' Swill.
[wags] maybe category should be drinking container?
xandram, Jun 16 2010

       Happy now [xan]?   

       <rolls eyes>   

       Actually, I wish you'd suggest a category for all my postings. Saves me looking.
wagster, Jun 16 2010

       Whilst I applaud the motivation, wags, I must vote against this idea. The only proper use of a vuvuzela is to insert it, with as little care and sensitivity for the owners wellbeing as possible, into any conveniently accessible orifice belonging to it's owner. Wide end first.
DrBob, Jun 16 2010

       Yes, Happy Now!! (it does suck to look for a category when you can't find one to fit the idea!!)
I think this idea deserves many more buns, too!
xandram, Jun 16 2010

       Should this idea not be under Culture, Celebration?
xenzag, Jun 16 2010

       There's going to be a vuvuzela category before long, mark my words.
mouseposture, Jun 17 2010

       //There's going to be a vuvuzela category before long, mark my words.//   

       The harbinger of this category will be the Deep-water Oil Recovery Vuvuzela Orrery.
swimswim, Jun 17 2010

       [swimswim] you forgot sushi
xandram, Jun 17 2010

       Actually, upon reflection, I think this needs to be moved again to the category: Food, drink, packaging.
xenzag, Jun 17 2010

wagster, Jun 17 2010

       Vuvuzela karaoke, where you make the same noises with your mouth, or any other bodily orifice of your choice.
pocmloc, Jun 17 2010

       I do. That's exactly what I meant, you just put it better.
wagster, Jun 18 2010


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