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Spill-proof Beer mug

Avoid embarrasing alcohol abuse
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The idea would be to improve upon the well-know German Beer Stein with a lid that provides a tight seal. This way, if (when) you accidentally tip your vessel over, you lose none of its contents. More for you, less for the floor.
jonathanhowell, Aug 13 2003

similar idea http://www.halfbake...ktail_20Sippy_20Cup
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]


       Something with a straw, perhaps?
Detly, Aug 13 2003

       Yes, I've seen these. They come in plastic, have two handles and a bite-proof sipping hole.
FloridaManatee, Aug 13 2003

       Drinking beer through a straw? How utterly base.   

       No straws here, this is more like a pint pot with a spring-loaded gasketed lid. Flip the switch with your thumb, lid opens, you drink. Flip the switch back, lid closes, beer is safe. The spring mechanism holds the lid securly against the lip of the glass.
jonathanhowell, Aug 13 2003

       Insulate it too and you're onto a winner. Would come in very handy for hot summer barbecues of the kind where the predominant dietry intake is liquid.
squeak, Aug 13 2003

       Serve the beer in a plastic bag with a spring loaded valve on the nozzle. To drink you squeeze the bag and squirt the beer right into your mouth.
Sometimes the seams on the bag may have some flaws. That's when the fun starts.
kbecker, Aug 13 2003


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