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online ratings in store

online product ratings on the product box at the store...
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Product reviews is a truly original online invention and (I believe) one of the biggest reason why eCommerce sites have been able to convert first time shoppers. So why not bring this offline? Retailers could put online star ratings from their website on products at their stores.

I would love to walk into a Blockbuster and read movie reviews by other members.

Also, whenever I go shopping for shoes I need to take my girlfriend so I can have a second opinion, though sales people are helpful they tend to like whatever I pick. But if I could get online testimony that might push me along the buying decision making process.

nomadic_wonderer, Oct 18 2007


       I like the second idea in this - I'm not sure how many people would want to subject themselves to this, but a site where strangers post pictures of themselves trying on clothes and solicit comments would have a certain makeovery attractiveness. (And mesh well with the "dress sense by genetic programming" clip Treon posted the other day!)   

       doesthismakemelookfat.com is available...
jutta, Oct 18 2007

       Tell you what, next time you go shopping send a text message with pic to my phone and I'll let you know what I think.   

       I think stores might hate you having review in hand, but I like the idea.
Noexit, Oct 18 2007


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