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Free pigeon eggs for all

Device to collect pigeon eggs
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Pigeon populations are far too high in many cities. I propose a nest that will look attractive to pigeons, but designed with a hole in the bottom that leads to a solar powered refrigerated compartment. These compartments are publicly accessible, allowing free harvest of these eggs for use in little omlettes.
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2006

(???) Picture http://img325.image...25/6760/nest2do.png
One possible design. Of course, you'd need a way of gently bringing the eggs down - perhaps a spiral ramp. [Worldgineer, Jun 15 2006]

(?) May I suggest something like this? http://www.gamasutr...g1marblemadness.gif
[skinflaps, Jun 15 2006]

Baked http://www.smm.org/...pigeon_poop_problem
The City plans to build ideal nesting grounds for pigeons on rooftops in downtown and then take the eggs in order to attempt to control the population. [omegatron, Oct 01 2007]


       A Cephalotus follicularis nest that sucks eggs from pigeons?   

       Cool [+] Picture please.
skinflaps, Jun 15 2006

       [ksra] is going to have your hide.
normzone, Jun 15 2006

       she'll have to get in line
po, Jun 15 2006

       Are you saying you don't eat eggs, [po], or that you care less about chickens than pigeons.
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2006

       oh, I see. I rarely eat eggs and then its the produce of free range hens.   

       I'm not sure if a pigeon egg would taste nice and especially dislike the idea if the consuming was in some way related to the pigeons general un-popularity, to which I do not concur. its a feckin' marvellous bird.   

       the fact that it has to shit occasionally does seem to render it slightly less personable - hello? anyone who has found themselves in the wood without paper...
po, Jun 15 2006

       Did you wipe yourself with a pigeon [po]?
methinksnot, Jun 15 2006

       snotty - consider yourself wiped! <sniff>   

po, Jun 15 2006

       Someone would just end up taking them all for vandalizing someone.
Akabaka, Jun 16 2006

       Firstly, the chicken eggs we eat are unfertilised, no? These would be fertilised and full of unborn chick. Blurgh. Anyone who has mistakenly boiled and started to eat one of these will know that it is not an experience worth repeating.   

       Secondly. Free range chicken eggs taste nice because of all the lovely fresh bugs/weeds/worms/seeds that the chickens grub up and eat. Pigeons eat week old pizza crusts from bins, dropped things, foul stuff and Mcdonalds. Zat sound nice?
squeak, Jun 16 2006

       //week old pizza crusts from bins, dropped things, foul stuff and Mcdonalds, Zat sounds nice?//   

       Sounds much like a hearty student breakfast!
Jinbish, Jun 16 2006

       //These would be fertilised and full of unborn chick//   

       Mmmmmm, a three egg squablet.   

       [squeak] Yes, the eggs would be fertilized. However, as the eggs would be collected and refrigerated immediately, you probably won't notice.   

       As for the free-range issue: you really prefer bugs over pizza?   

       I know new foods can seem disgusting, but don't knock the pigeon eggs benedict canapés until you've tried them.
Worldgineer, Jun 16 2006

       pigeon eggs are lovely. Just as good as quail.
vincevincevince, Oct 01 2007

       yuck. not for the reasons [po] mentions, but just from an appetite point of view. also, pigeons have been dodging the bullet for so long now, i suspect they won't be taken in by the bottomless nest.
k_sra, Oct 01 2007

       Most bird eggs won't start to incubate until the mom sits on them and keeps them warm at the incubation temperature.   

       There are some types of birds that lay big clutches and their eggs may go as long as 30 days before incubation.   

       As far as eating goes, a fertilized un-incubated egg is almost indistinguishable from an unfertilized egg.
cyber_rigger, Oct 11 2007

       A hospital in Mumbai just contacted me about this solution. I'll point them to St. Paul unless someone has seen a real product out there.
Worldgineer, Apr 18 2014

       I don't suppose anyone knows if the strategy worked in St. Paul. I'm guessing it didn't work, so no one wants their name on the write-up, but it would be great if the info was published so people would know not to try that again without al least improving on the procedure.
scad mientist, Apr 18 2014

       //As far as eating goes, a fertilized un-incubated egg is almost indistinguishable from an unfertilized egg.//   

       Except that if you eat an unfertilized egg, you're eating an egg. If you eat a fertilized egg, you're eating an egg plus a tiny, tiny bit of bird jizz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2014

       If you eat a balut or a squab, then that contains a lot of replicas of the jizz?   

       The jizz component of a fertilised egg would surely be already at nucleus level. Obviously one would avoid this fact when discussing the fertilized egg someone was busy eating, however. In that case it would be preferable to emphasize the protein that the spent seed flowed in, and the studies you've read of its how that protein is retained and incorporated as the first component of the yolk.
skoomphemph, Apr 18 2014

       Yeah but, like, it's still bird jizz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2014

       Well yes. And a fertilised egg is mainly jizz at the yolk level.   

       And some detail to go with that factoid, at dinner.
skoomphemph, Apr 18 2014

       +they would also look so cute in mini Easter baskets!
xandram, Apr 19 2014

       Surely "pigeon eggs for all" implies that pigeons would also be getting pigeon eggs, which seems a bit pointless as they can provide them themselves?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 19 2014

       Yonks ago there was one guy who got caught in Trafalgar Square luring pigeons into a box, and his excuse was he was going to train them to be racing pigeons.   

       More likely the only journey would be via the intestinal tract of the aforementioned guy.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 19 2014

       Hmmm. Fair comment - too soon. Deleted.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 20 2014

       Perhaps a "go with the flow" approach is needed. Assuming there's some maximum sustainable pigeon population that is going to keep finding ways to survive exterminations and decimations, why not build dovecotes to accommodate to birds in a less inconvenient place than eg the shoulder of some statue.   

       They could even be designed to be suitable for population control experiments. Make the nests tippable so as just to drop the egg to the ground. (Is it really a "waste" if something other than a human being eats it?)   

       And maybe replace tipped out eggs with fake ones, so your pair of pigeons persist in sitting.
skoomphemph, Apr 20 2014

       //Rentisham's Traditional Flenting Wax is Made in the USA!//   

       Sir, I must emphatically quash that rumour in the bud before the horse has bolted to an entirely different cup of tea.   

       Rentisham's is not even permitted to be _exported_ to the United States.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 20 2014


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