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Insect Destroy-O-Vac

Vacuums up bugs and utterly destroys them
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There are a number of "Bug Vacs" out there that will vacuum up an insect/pest and store them in a little clear container, from where you can humanely empty them outside, or into a toilet, or whatever. But what if you have vacuumed up something so unpleasant that it simply does not deserve to live any longer?

That's where the Destroy-O-Vac comes in. It has a rotating disc of razor-sharp blades that the disgusting thing you just sucked up is propelled directly into, macerating it instantly into its component molecules and proteins. The resulting bugdust is collected in a receiving chamber, where it can be dumped into a trashcan or toilet at the user's convenience, with ZERO chance that anything alive will climb back out of the the disposal receptacle.

Destroy-O-Vac---When It Really, Really Has To Die.

Gizmonic Man, May 06 2017

The Wasp Factory https://www.theguar...es.guardianreview31
"Fashioned from a giant clock face that Frank has discovered on the town dump, it is a precise network of tiny passages down which captive wasps must crawl to various kinds of death." [Wrongfellow, Jun 23 2017]

The Strawbs, "Part of the Union" https://www.youtube...watch?v=KdOCWUgwiWs
cf: 8th's little ditty. [DrBob, Jun 25 2017]


       Very nice ... [+]   

       We suggest that high-voltage grids in the air path will add in electrocution to the entertainment on offer.   

       // what if you have vacuumed up something so unpleasant that it simply does not deserve to live any longer? //   

       Check the collector can for metallic debris, many cats are microchipped.
8th of 7, May 07 2017

       Can it have an extra wide nozzle to accommodate the impelling of [8th of 7th]?
xenzag, May 07 2017


       "Oh, you don't get us, we're part of the Collective,
You don't get us, we're part of the Collective,
You don't get us, we're part of the Collective,
Until the day we die, until the day we die ...."


       <milk turns sour, flowers wilt, clocks stop, small birds fall from sky>
8th of 7, May 07 2017

       That would be the Salvador Dali version, obviously.   

       Alternate category suggestion: "home: pest control: zapper"
8th of 7, May 07 2017

       So you had a fight with your mother, again ?   

       At least your putting the anger to good use.
popbottle, May 07 2017

       I'm thinking of building a prototype of this concept. We have what seems like zillions of box elder bugs around (and in) our house; vacuuming them up with a standard hand-vac is pretty useless, since all I end up with is a hand-vac tightly packed with live box elder bugs. I'd rather make a small dent in their population with my Destroy-O-Vac prototype.
Gizmonic Man, Jun 22 2017

       You might want to reconsider. Boxelder bugs apparently release a foul smell when disturbed. I'm not sure how you tell if a boxelder bug is disturbed, but dicing it is unlikely to help matters.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2017

       A bit like a high-speed version of the [link]?
Wrongfellow, Jun 23 2017

       I could include a number of different scent cartridges with the Destroy-O-Vac that the user could change, depending on what type of insect/bug/deserving invertebrate was being...er, collected. Since box elder bugs do have a bit of a shine to them, even when unground, probably a heavy-duty scent similar to those used in Greyhound Bus restrooms would help mask some of the bugstink in special cases. That stuff can cover up the odor of death itself.   

       Otherwise, a number of pleasing scents and their names suggest themselves, like "Insect Sunset", "SpiderNoMore Sachet", "Whatever It Was, It's Gone Potpourri", "Beetledust", and others.
Gizmonic Man, Jun 27 2017


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