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Freeze Framous

Name tag that can only be read in a feeeze frame
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Are you about to be famous?

From time to time everyone has their photograph taken by a tourist, or other photographer. These images end up on the far side of the world, in photo albums, projected unto walls etc. Strangers who will never meet, looking at the frozen faces of other strangers.

What is needed is an identification method, to enable someone who decides for some reason to contact you, as one of these unknown characters.

This problem is solved by the Freeze Framous name tag. The tag is a simple badge you wear that displays a rapidly scrolling identification name, such as your hotmail address. Under normal conditions this cannot be deciphered, but most cameras will freeze frame capture the image enabling it to be read in a still picture.

xenzag, May 21 2006


       “See, kids, this is your mom with Mohamed Atta!”
ldischler, May 21 2006

       There are none who cannot identify Mark Flynn in His illuminated glory. But maybe some can't remember His webpage, so good idea.
notmarkflynn, May 22 2006

energy guy, May 22 2006

       Dont most digital cameras seen into the near IR? Maybe IR reflective ink would be cheaper? Or do you need the Sony pantyshot, err powershot with nightvision to see that?
lowbot, May 22 2006

       If the camera 'freeze frames' someone walking past, then it also freeze frames the part of the address currently scrolling past. This badge would seem to work only for certain exposure speeds (At the scroll speed you suggest, maybe a 500th exposure or faster - ie only in bright light), otherwise it comes out as a coloured blob.
fridge duck, May 22 2006

       The name or address would have to be short, and would have to be displayed at least twice and possibly three times; if the different displays were phased differently, the tag could be constructed so that at any reasonable exposure speed at least one would be legible (at least one would not be).
supercat, May 23 2006


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