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French Baguette Relay Race

A different type of baton
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Improve the Olympic relay race by using a large fresh French Baguette in place of the baton, the competitors must finish the race with the baton completely intact.

Another variation on this would be to run the race carrying a live stick of dynamite with a delay fuse - the delay fuse would be shortened in the final.

brianc, Feb 22 2001


       Maybe with a fresh American French baguette. French French baguettes tend to be stiff enough to easily resist the duress of being carried in a racer's hand.
beauxeault, Feb 22 2001

       The key point is fresh: right out of the oven, the sort they sell as fast as the shoppers can line up outside the bakery. Holding onto it shouldn't be a problem: a good baguette is crusty, but standard relay batons aren't known for being soft and yielding either.   

       Does the team get to eat its baguette after the race?
Redbird, Feb 22 2001


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