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Mall Relay Race

Dodge shoppers and security!
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An intense relay race through an ever changing obstacle course. Teams of runners assemble at a predetermined spot in the local mall at a predetermined date and time (preferably on a busy shopping day). The first runner from each team races from one end of the mall to the other and back, traveling along any course they choose, before handing their baton off to the next runner on their team. The race gets progressively harder as it wears on because mall security becomes increasingly likely to catch on. First team to have all their runners complete their lap wins!
Erfunden, Apr 13 2009


       Now if the mall were to be empty of innocents and babies...just the participants and security and the judges...now then I'd say you'd have an amazingly fun idea that I would give you my Au Ban Pain croissant for.
blissmiss, Apr 13 2009

       I thought this might be an idea on how overburdened insurance companies can offload defunct retail space to each other in a new format of Commoditised Debt Obligations. Come to think of it, that is probably baked, WKTE.
4whom, Apr 13 2009


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