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Anything fried in the true, monastic style
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From Houston, the "fattest city in America," comes a concept for the first fried everything restaurant. We are a society that cannot get enough consumables dressed in golden brown. Fried ice cream and fried Twinkies have already been done. But what of a restaurant where everything, EVERYTHING, can be fried?

You enter to a pay-first, all-you-can-eat buffet. Your plate is a flat, hard tortilla shell or pita bread. Customers pile it high with a quality variety of everything from chicken breast to jello. At the end of the line you hand your entire meal, plate included, to the hooded Friar. He or she deep-fries it whole until fully encrusted in a scrumptious, golden envelope. You may then feast upon your creation.

Have fun designing meals for your friends. You can trade and be delighted by the surprises within.

An added benefit for the restaurant is the savings of a few thousand dollars on the unnecessary Hobart.

We could even pamper the clients with some kind of a moving sidewalk along the buffet line to minimize the calories burned during the food-preparation process.

Friars would establish itself in the narrow niche between salad buffets and fast-food chains. I firmly believe a fried salad would be a strong step toward bringing health-conscious aristocrats and gluttonous neanderthals together.

Credit to fellow Doctors Jackson, Hines, Dolezal, Quesada, and Granit for you assistance with this idea.
doctor, Dec 05 2002

jurist's link is a .com now http://www.friarsclub-ca.com/
Caine: What kind of cigar is that?
Berle: It's a Lawrence Welk
Caine: Lawrence Welk, what's that?
Berle: It's a piece of crap with a band around it. [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       pun - sorry [marked–for–deletion]
po, Dec 05 2002

       Houston's the fattest city? Link! and, what po said....
Marassa, Dec 05 2002

       //I firmly believe a fried salad would be a strong step toward bringing health-conscious aristocrats and gluttonous neanderthals together.//


       We call that a Spring Roll.
jurist, Dec 05 2002

       fried fishbones.
skinflaps, Dec 05 2002

       stick around doctor - you should have read some of my early ones <blushes>
po, Dec 05 2002

       //Anything fried in the true, monastic style//
At least it's not in the true, onanistic style
thumbwax, Dec 05 2002

       We already know that doctors are in kahootz with the pharmaceutical companies to pad wallets. Now the Hostess clan as well?
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2002

       thats bicycle tyres [Rods] not the whole bike, get real!
po, Dec 06 2002

       YES, YES, YES !   

       I love this idea; [po], take your [m-f-d] away, you nasty person, lest you be immersed in a huge tank of boiling fat.   

       DId I say I love this idea ? I do. I really do. I love this idea. Yes. I love it.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2002

       Surely we could deep fry a croissant!
PiledHigherandDeeper, Jun 06 2003


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