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Gyoza Hut!

It's a meal in a neat little package! It's Gyoza Hut!
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Gyoza (aka pot-stickers) are little balls of pork, shrimp or vegetables wrapped in a wonton skin, and then fried or steamed.

Gyoza hut makes this food truly international at their food court locations worldwide. Go to a gyoza hut and get a complete thanksgiving dinner (turkey gyoza, stuffing gyoza, yam gyoza, and cranberry gyoza), all in a box. Feeling adventureous? Order the Mystery Pack with five random gyoza!

It's the perfect restaurant for when you can't decide what you want to eat! You can make a meal containing any number of cuisines, just by ordering a variety of delicious Gyoza!

Specialties include Pi-yoza (sausage or pepperoni), Hamburgyoza, Enchildadoza, and GyozaDanish (mmmmm...)

tspyz, Apr 30 2002


       This idea sounds good reading it, but when I make my own assumptions, it's even better! Samurais engaged in battle at ALL times, people screaming foreign words and phrases at you while holding fire, a mechanical Abraham Lincoln drinking a glass of chocolate milk...sheer genius, tspyz!
AfroAssault, May 01 2002

       What's the idea here? These exist. You want more 'fillings,' is that it?   

       Not much of an idea, and probably mfd'able, but I can't be bothered.
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       this sounds like something out of Discworld. Mystery foods. You left out Chicken Feet Gyoza, gotta love that crunch.
rbl, May 01 2002

       Hmmm, maybe I could buy some Gyoza Hut stock and add it into the famous Wire-Fu Buffet. The Mystery Pack would be a pot-sticker version of Every Flavour Beans. Oh, [waugsqueke], franchising isn't mfd-worthy. If that was true, every burger idea here wouldn't exist.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 25 2007


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