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House of 100 Vegetables

High variety
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This restaurant literally serves over 100 vegetables, and encourages diners to eat every single one on the menu. It is modeled after Old Chicago, a place where there are over 100 beers on the menu. Diners may apply for a swipe card, so they can track which veggies they have eaten, getting prizes in regular increments. Eating 100 different veggies on the menu perhaps gets you a large plush bunny rabbit, or a logo'd jacket, and your name on the wall.

This restuarant is targeted at the casual dining crowd, same level as an Olive Garden or Applebee's. It comes with a main menu, with 8 or so vegetarian main courses, 12 or so "omnivorous" main courses, and soups, sandwiches, appetizers, etc. Each main course features anywhere from 1 to 3 veggies that can count towards your total. A few of the appetizers and soups have a veggie to count, but their will be other appetizers that don't count. (you can still get chicken strips and cheese sticks)

In addition to the stable main menu, a sheet with the specials is made available, perhaps with vegatables that are only in season for a week or whatever.

Then, there would be the vegetable list, sorted by country of origin. Vegetables can be ordered fresh, steamed, baked, stir-fried, or pureed (depending on the veggie), solo or in groups, with meat or without. Seasonings would be customizable but simplified, like pepper, mild asian blend, hot asian blend, italian blend, etc. (I know choosing from 100 different veggies is tough, hence why this restaurant comes with the "normal" menu)

Instead of kitsch on the walls, the interior would be decorated with pictures of beautiful lush gardens and orchards to make the diner's mouths water.

Madai, Oct 13 2005


       I love trying new foods and don't really know my vegetables that well. Sounds like it would inspire me to cook a lot. [+]
wagster, Oct 13 2005

       I could've had a V100. +
phundug, Oct 13 2005

       I bunned this idea because I like it. I've been to Old Chicago and it is fun. I also need to eat more veggies. But...there are some inherent problems to overcome though. The biggest problem is spoilage. By the time somone comes along that wants to eat the kohlrabi it'll be a lump of green goo in the corner of the cooler.
Gusbus, Oct 13 2005

       Hallelujah. Here in the fatwest it's sometimes difficult to even *find* vegetables on the menu.
RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2005

       My wife gets mad at me because I tend to pick, peel and eat the kohlrabi in the garden. She says none of them ever make it into the house. I am not sure why she doesn’t go out and pick some herself.

The restaurant can serve it boiled in the mashed potatoes. I suspect the restaurant would have to have a rotating menu with a different set of vegetables each week or something. The other concept is specialized salads, though a lot of vegetables need to be cooked.
cjacks, Oct 13 2005

       Ah, a mountain of vegetables and a nice fish (for me - you may have the roll).
Shz, Oct 14 2005

       Would one of the vegetables be a tumbleweed?
phundug, Oct 14 2005

       The title sounds like a spoof of an Ang Lee movie, but I like it. +
Adze, Oct 14 2005

       Isn't this just a restaurant with a good selection of vegetables? No invention.   

       Also, I've never heard of "Olive Garden" or "Applebees" but assume they are chains or something. This, combined with the fact that you limit the flavours to things called "mild asian blend, hot asian blend, italian blend" (like people making "curry" using that bland, yellow curry powder, bleurgh) and the fact that the diner orders how they want their insipidly flavoured vegetables cooked instead of letting the chefs create their own vegetarian dishes, (breathes in) leads me to give you a fish but only because I can't give you steamed, pureed , mild asian flavoured aubergine.
squeak, Oct 14 2005

       ..here he was at 98, going for the first big prize at the 100 Vegies Restaurant. nervously he lifted the lid on the bowl in front of him, the restaurant management hovering about and other patrons eagerly watching the ceremony..   

       %#@^%4 H %$#@*&^ Christ!! *&^%45^ steamed Okra and Brussellls Sprouts on a bed of wilted whitloaf !!   

       No wonder nobody had got to the 100 club yet...
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 14 2005

       vegetables, yuck! (+)
Flux, Oct 14 2005

       //This, combined with the fact that you limit the flavours//   

       //I suspect the restaurant would have to have a rotating menu with a different set of vegetables each week or something.//   

       This would be addressed by the 2nd menu. There are three menus: A main menu, a special menu, and a veggie list. The specials menu would have a more interesting seasoning method than the 8 or so options you would have if you are selecting from the veggie list.   

       To further clarify the veggie list, each veggie would have the recommended cooking styles listed with it. If it's impractical in a stirfry, it's not an option. If it's impractical fresh, it's not an option.   

       If you can eat it fresh, there will be a little green "F" beside it Baked, a light golden brown "B" stir_F_ried, prehaps a reddish "F" Steamed, a grey "S" I don't know what color is good for puree, but rest assured, it would be a color-coded "P".   

       To address spoilage, the restuarant would need to computerize and carefully track it's inventory, and be located near a pretty good grocer. The computer could print out a list based on what's low, when it's low.   

       And yes, this restaurant is not super-fancy. It's a step above fast food, but it won't break your budget. It's targeted for the middle class.   

       No, it's not an invention, I agree, but really, no restuarant idea is. However, this would require a decent amount of innovation, and would be unique.
Madai, Oct 14 2005

       However you want to talk it up, it's still just a vegetarian restaraunt with lots of vegetables. Big deal.
squeak, Oct 14 2005

       You could call it "The White House" - but that would be 1,000 vegetables
xenzag, Oct 14 2005


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