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Fridge Electromagnets

Tame the power of the electromagnetic force in your own kitchen!
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Tired of shopping lists, “World’s Best Mom” card and Junior’s finger painting falling to the floor when weak “permanent” refrigerator magnets lose their grip? Well, these sturdy plug-in appliances, with motifs such as a thick-framed Rubens or a nearly-marble Michelangelo, will hang and anchor that ten page book report and the book, your quilted down coat and a leashed, slobbering Neapolitan Mastiff all securely to the door until you choose to release each with a simple press of a button.
FarmerJohn, Nov 20 2004


       hint of frustration in this one. I'm with you FJ... but it will all be better tomorrow.
dentworth, Nov 20 2004

       Another good reason not to leave a spoon in the leftovers.   

       Another good reason not to wear jewelery in the kitchen.
yabba do yabba dabba, Nov 20 2004

       It's possible to get super-strong ferromagnets (or antiferromagnets, which act the same), which will indeed stick a ten page book report - or your hand - to the fridge. Some are less than a cubic centimetre in volume (not the hand ones - they're about ten times bigger).   

       Frickin expensive things, but fun to play with.
Detly, Nov 22 2004

       Magnets this strong might be dangerous to credit/debit/gift cards, video tapes and floppy disks.   

       "Dad, I put a floppy disk on the fridge. Could you please take it to work and print out my report on that really nice color printer that you have."   

       Something really strong might even be dangerous to cell phones and PDAs.
acemccloudxx, Nov 22 2004

       Not to mention Granny's pacemaker........
energy guy, Nov 22 2004

       Bust open an old hard drive and get the magnets out of it.....they will pin anything to the refrigerator and keep it there.   

       Jutta might have one that's already been taken apart :]
normzone, Nov 22 2004

       Another idea might be to have battery operated electromagnets to hold things to a refrigerator, with a timer on them that cuts out the power when the time runs out. Of course, if the batteries die, it falls off the fridge prematurely.
Amishman35, Jun 08 2007


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