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Magnetic Refrigerator

A refrigerator with [electro]magnetic paneling on the exterior.
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The panels enable one to use ordinary metal as fridge "magnets," thereby reducing the barrier to entry faced by would-be fridge magnet producers everywhere. Additionally, depending on how much power you feel that you can afford to waste, you can crank up the magnetism on your fridge to enable layering of fridge junk like postcards, newspaper clippings, pictures and SFMP (Standard Fridge Magnet Polarity) compatible magnetic fridge magnets (ie magnets which are produced for use with ordinary refrigerators but which are compatible with the magnetic fridge by virtue of selecting the opposite polarity standardized on by fridge manufacturers). In today's world, fridge panel real-estate is no commodity; thus, it's important to be able to really use every last inch, which is hard to accomplish with ordinary strength fridge magnets, due to the necessity of some layering.
roselma, Jul 06 2001

Magno-therapy http://www.magno-therapy.co.uk/home.htm
The attractive alternative. [The Military, Jul 06 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       For proponents of magno-therapy, it would seem to be a sound health-care investment as well.
The Military, Jul 07 2001

       Try to convince your friends that there is an evil poltergiest in your kitchen by pointing knives at your fridge from across the room and puting the magnet on a timer. Also it could be put on the same circuit as your lights so when it goes off it could make them dim...
RobertKidney, Jul 07 2001


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