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Pizzadelivery Fridge Magnets

Get a unique fridgemagnet with every pizza you order
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Instead of those stupid leaflets with a long listing of all possible pizzas I can order I want a magnet with the name of the pizza and the phone-number. I hate to get these leaflets as junkmail but when I need one I can't find one. And when I find one I forgot which from the 70 or so choices I liked so much last time. Not when I saved the magnet that came along with that pizza.
rrrddsnl, Aug 19 2001

Tombstone Pizza http://www.tombstone.com
For the love o' God, man! Eat in! [The Military, Aug 19 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Baked-- when they bother. Papa J's in Cleveland gave these out all teh time.
futurebird, Aug 19 2001

       When my local pizza place delivers, they provide a current price list with your order marked on it. This list lives by the phone. All others go in the bin.
angel, Aug 20 2001

       Ain't life a bitch. Make a binder of door knob flyers.
thumbwax, Aug 20 2001

       1) Buy a normal fridge magnet
2) Order a pizza.
If pizza is good then:
3a) Attach pizza place leaflet to fridge door with magnet.
3b) Don't.

       Am I missing something?
Guy Fox, Aug 20 2001

       I use pizza magnets all the time. I am starring at some now, on the weirdly magnetic walls of my office.
EvoketheTiger, Aug 20 2001

       I think what [rrrddsnl] is trying to say is if the pizza place delivers you a pizza with Hard Salami, Pineapples, and Banana Peppers that they should give you a magnet that says Hard Salami, Pineapples, and Banana Peppers. Better then that, but it should also be in the shape of a pizza, maybe even with the condiments shapes on there too. It's a good idea, but not really bakeable unless the delivery service has common pizzas that they can do that with, but not too many people are going to order anchovies, but if it's one of your favorites and you want a magnet, you are just SOL
barnzenen, Aug 20 2001

       You have that hard a time remembering what you like on a pizza?
StarChaser, Aug 20 2001

       If there's 70 or so choices, I'm guessing [rrrddsnl] is from the USA.   

       I only ever see a choice of about 10 where I am. There's Spam, Spam & Bacon, Spam Bacon Eggs & Spam...
-alx, Aug 20 2001

       StarChaser, I am not from the US of A. I was staying in suburbia in the Netherlands at my parent's place when I got this idea. It is very rare, say once every 2 months, that a pizza is ordered by phone there. But there are so many, but I forget which precise combination out of 70 was best. And the flyer is always lost. Hence the magnet idea. Because they don't have magnets there either. Fridge magnets are an urban thing here, I have the impression. Not suburban. I am curious about the magnets of Papa J though. I like Steve's idea a lot. The pizzadelivery only needs one line though, just a computer phone routing server behind it. CallerID to trace the address of the caller. As a service an automated voice calls to give an update, like FedEx packages. When the pizza gets in the oven (you can still cancel the order) when it gets out (you can cancel), when it is coming your way, when it is at 10 minutes from your house (thanks to GPS). Or SMS messages would be less intrusive. Could be a USP.
rrr, Aug 20 2001

       That would take what little soul is left.
thumbwax, Aug 21 2001

       Well, this is sort of baked on Papa John's website anyway...Has an option for 'Use last order'.   

       It still seems like a lot of work to remember 'pepperoni and hamburger'...
StarChaser, Aug 21 2001

       What do I want on *my* Tombstone? "Where's My Frickin' Magnet!?"
The Military, Aug 21 2001

       Magnets don't work below sea level, maybe?
The Military, Aug 22 2001


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