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Front door sprinkler

Get rid of door-to-door salesmen and other soliciters
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This idea can be baked at home but it may require some work. Step one involves buying a fire sprinkler head and then removing the stopper that keeps the sprinkler off. Light the stopper with a match and it will pop out. Secondly, install a pipeline that connects with a garden hose. Be sure to install a valve in the pipeline. Mount the sprinkler outside the front door above where the salesman will be standing. Then put a peephole on your door so you can see whose there. Place the control valve inside near the front door. Hook the pipeline to a garden hose.

Nextime the doorbell rings, check to see whose there. If it's another door-to-door salesman, switch on the knob and watch the fun as they bolt away. They wont come back again.

After they are gone, switch the sprinkler off, dry it off, and mop up the water mess. I have not made one yet but I imagine it would work.

non-eatable, Aug 15 2002

Death Metal Disruptor http://www.halfbake...etal_22_20Disruptor
See bottom paragraph, it's been there the whole time [Mr Burns, Aug 15 2002]


       I kinda posted this idea already, although it was an option for a different product.
Mr Burns, Aug 15 2002


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