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Porch zapper

zap unwanted salesmen
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A further improvement on the porch sprinkler. Mount an electrode dish outside the front door and install a red safety button inside the house to control the dish. The dish can be plugged into an ordinary 120 volt outlet. When the doorbell rings, look out the peep-hole and see whose there. Oh no. A salesman! Not to fear. Insert a key into the red safety button, turn the key and press the button simoutaneously. A bolt of electricity will come out and zap the unwanted salesman within a few seconds. The dish will give the salesman an electrical shock powerful enough to scare the crap out of him, but he will still be alive. Watch him bolt to his van and drive off. He wont return. You have two ways of doing the dish without it being obvious. One way is to put the dish in a place where it cant be seen. The other idea is that you put a "Direct TV" logo on the dish so that they think it's a TV sattelite. It is also possible to just mount it in plain view, but then they will see it and leave.
non-eatable, Aug 16 2002


       Cannibals might try to use this to eat girl scouts.
polartomato, Aug 16 2002

       I'm fairly certain the concept is HalfBaked already, but I haven't the energy to search for it.
phoenix, Aug 16 2002

       Yeah but how would you sell it? Door to door I expect.
sild, Aug 16 2002

       This dish could be sold at a neighborhood home improvement store, sild. Polar tomato, canibals cant use this to eat girl scouts because this is just powerful enough to scare the crap out of them without killing or injuring them. It is like a roof mounted stun gun that looks like a sattelite dish. I dont think this has been baked yet because i searched for it and found nothing but bug zapper ideas, phone zappers and computer related things using the word zapper. Nobody else made a front door zapper yet.
non-eatable, Aug 16 2002

       Would a fatal microwave dish be better or worse?
non-eatable, Aug 16 2002


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