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Integrated carrying device
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A device that combines and integrates a backpack and a "frontpack" - for the serious hikers. Improved weight distribution, fit and comfort, and ergonomics - you no longer need to lean forward to balance your bag. Comes in several models and various sizes to cater for different body sizes and shapes. Adjustable straps along the sides. Padded in all the right places. Stiff supports to replace the hip strap. Frontpack shorter than backpack for easier sitting and walking. Easy to reach pockets on the front of the frontpack, for cameras, maps and such. Taken to the extreme, this could become a reinforced vest with very big pockets...
herilane, Dec 18 2002


       I guess so... although the picture I had in my mind was a bit more fashion-conscious and hi-tech
herilane, Dec 18 2002

       Many of the big rucksacs have clips so that you can mount lighter items on the front. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a frontpack that fitted to clips on the shoulder straps, although a quick search failed to turn one up.
st3f, Dec 18 2002

       many backpackers around the world already do this in the form of a small daypack worn "backwards" over their regular backpack straps. it comes in handy for carrying a camera, guidebook, maps, water bottle, etc. btw, if your leaning forward to balance your bag, it's too heavy.
mihali, Dec 18 2002

       The frame would be the hard part. A frame backpack works because all the weight is pressing down on your hips due to the belt (if it's even touching to top of your shoulders you've got it mis-adjusted). This would either need a body-armor-like frame down the front, or some other sort of support structure if the front was to hold and weight at all.   

       Carrying weight all day on your shoulders is a recepie(sp) for agony.
ry4an, Dec 18 2002

       hire a sherpa porter
Trodden, Dec 19 2002


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