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Moral Backpacking

A device that secures to a person's back and judges their every action.
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I propose that we create a device that secures to a person with the following abilities: audio recording and voice recognition, visual awareness (perhaps using a camera that nestles near the child's ear?), and a vibration sensor capable of virtually mapping all bodily motion (it may be necessary for the device to have monitors that extend over a person's arms and legs). Above all these things, the most important, and, at the current moment, least possible, is a computer that is able to make sense of all this.

The idea is that the device gives immediate feedback on every action you chose, although it could be set up to only intervene with negative actions. This device would help in teaching children morals, recording misdeeds, and giving advice in questionable circumstances. Ideally, though impractically, the device would be able to tell if you were about to do something and give you feedback which may adjust your actions and responses. In theory, the people wearing these would agree to it with the assumption that it would help them easily deal with moral issues.

The programming would have a lot of different functions involved in it. Some things would be simply one-to-one connections--for instance, if you say a recognizable curse, the device will tell you that such a word is inappropriate. Building onto this, the device could record how often you use such language, or other similar language and may restrain from or amplify it's message of distate. Obviously, all such descisions are ultimately up to the programmer. Similarly, the device could sense if you gesticulate in a manner considered rude, perform violent actions, or use items that are discouraged.

One of the most difficult things to program would be interpersonal relations. As a bit of a copout, the device could merely sense things such as anger, sadness, and disgust and advise avoiding such things, though perhaps in a helpful manner. For instance, you and your friend could be in an arguement and screaming at each other. The device picks up that two you and another person are yelling and suggests that you should both settle down.

Each eventuality would need indivdual programmed in both recognition and response. My suggestion for creating such a thing would be to initially have a team of people suggest everything they could think of and put it in. Then, monitor some people living out their lives (obviously with their permission) and add any cirumstance that appears to be missing. Further addition could be done even after product debut via wireless updates.

Alizayi, Nov 26 2011

cuter one http://1.bp.blogspo...ul+Backpacks+14.jpg
[xandram, Nov 28 2011]


       You've been talking to my imaginary therapist haven't you?!   

       //The device picks up that two you and another person are yelling and suggests that you should both settle down.// This device had better be physically robust.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2011

       I already spend a fair amount of time trying to keep the lawyers off my back.
lurch, Nov 26 2011

       A simpler version would just use a lie-detector and an audio track that repeats the question "are you being naughty?" every minute or so.
swimswim, Nov 26 2011

       // A device that ... judges their every action. //   

       Is this not what you humans call, "Being Married" ?   

       Presumably there will be other accessories; for example, when attempting to get to the Moral High Ground, a selection of ropes, carabiners, pitons and special clothing will no doubt be necessary.
8th of 7, Nov 26 2011

       //Is this not what you humans call, "Being Married" ? //   

       We call it "Wife Eye".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2011

       Lie-detector. Definitely a good addition. Also, I didn't mention how it would talk. I think it'd have an earpiece from which it could talk just to you and speakers so that it could address everyone within its sensing range.
Alizayi, Nov 26 2011

       If lie detectors worked, it would be a good addition - within the context of the idea that is - i.e a sort of paranoid nightmarish Orwellian hell.
hippo, Nov 28 2011

       "Harcourt Fenton Mudd! You've been drinking again!"
DrBob, Nov 28 2011

       Alternatively, we could just stop having children and build robots. Never misbehave, easy to feed. One wonders why the Borg don't do it this way.
RayfordSteele, Nov 28 2011

       This backpack is not so comfortable to sleep on...
xandram, Nov 28 2011

       It would be entirely optional, of course, and removable. It would also be designed to specifically not be annoying, but rather companionable.
Alizayi, Nov 28 2011

       Please read Asimov's I-Robot series so you can under stand the impossibility of this endeaver. He shows the futility of trying to get anything to follow even three extremely simple rules. You want a computer to understand morals, when the most sophisticated computing devices know to mankind (human brains) don't understand morals? (-)
MisterQED, Nov 29 2011

       Since this serves the function of a conscience, it would be useful only for a person who lacked one. Since it's entirely optional it would be useful only for a person who wanted a conscience. Are there people who regret not having a conscience? Maybe sociopaths with unusually good insight?
mouseposture, Nov 30 2011

       No. I must clarify that I do not want a robot that understands morals. It sees what is done and has programmed responses. It has no AI, just a set of protocols for a lot of, but not all, scenarios. There are lots of people who do. I know some.
Alizayi, Nov 30 2011

       This would simply create immoral a-holes whenever the battery dies.
RayfordSteele, Nov 30 2011


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