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Frozen Bread Press

Straightens out your frozen bread so it fits in the toaster.
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We always keep a loaf of sliced bread in the freezer so as to be able to quickly handle any emergency toast deficiency problems, night or day.

However, sometimes freezer space is short and the loaf gets a bit crumpled when it is being frozen, which can result in bent slices, and if the bends are too severe then the frozen bread will not fit in the toaster!

The Frozen Bread Press is an attachment on the side of the toaster, shaped much like a miniature trouser press. Any insufficiiently flat slices of frozen bread can be popped into the press, which gently warms and flattens the bread to the correct flatness. Once pressed, the bread can then be toasted as normal.

prufrax, Aug 17 2013

Example bagel toaster http://www.bestbuy....90024&skuId=9957728
As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, Aug 18 2013]


       Why, is not frozen bread a delectable enough treat? Maybe a freeze drier for the freezer specifically for bread to make cold toast?
rcarty, Aug 17 2013

       Hmm, I'm sure there were more annos here last time...   

       Perhaps if you made the toaster fit the frozen bread...one ferrofluid toaster, with olive oil instead of mineral oil. Then bombard the olive oil with microwaves, and er..it might work.   

       Or more amusing like a 3d printer, but with a gas flame, it'd follow the surface of the bread in 3 axis, and leave lighter/darker bits showing advertisers' slogans.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 17 2013

       One of those "conveyor" commercial toasters as used in hotels could be modified. Place bread on conveyor; it passes through a defrost zone, then through a sequence of spring-loaded rollers with diminishing gaps so that it emerges flat into the cooking zone.
8th of 7, Aug 17 2013

       Get a toaster that can accommodate a sliced bagel. This type has a couple of metal grids inside that gently squeeze toward each other as the bread is lowered by the front handle, such that different thicknesses of bread can be held still between the heating elements, but not squashed. Any frozen slice that is not too badly crumpled will fit.   

       Alternately, put the frozen bread-slice in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. This will thaw it enough that you can bend it enough to fit in a regular toaster.
Vernon, Aug 18 2013

       Hey, here's a fun idea: just this once let's skip the preliminary chit-chat and jump straight to the frozen dough-to-golden brown pre-buttered toast extruder that we all know is coming.
Alterother, Aug 18 2013

       I wonder if a prebuttered frozen bread product would sell as a freezer section product. I've seen frozen garlic bread in the freezer section, but not a prebuttered sliced bread. I think these is some additional value in a product that only has one step before consumption. Sometimes I find buttering toast to be inconvenient, especially cleaning buttery silverware.
rcarty, Aug 18 2013


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