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Frozen milk

milk cubes for all your tea needs
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I'm English - hope that sets the scene. Everywhere I've worked it is expected that you have available to you tea or granulated coffee for free. It is also a pre-requisite in all shared flats and houses that I've lived in.

When I was studying and working, my most stressful moments came about when I found that the milk was off, or that there wasn't any left, and this literally meant I didn't drink anything.

I thought a good way to remedy the situation (because powdered and UHT milk are fowl and not an option) was to freeze milk like ice cubes, so that it wouldn't be used for cereal by my housemates and would keep longer. It also cools your drink down so you can start drinking straight away and not forget that you had a fresh mug.

I'm not a scientist and I haven't tried this, so is there anything that can be marketed here, does the milk have to be treated?

debidoo, Nov 04 2007

It's been done here at the hb Milk_20Cubes
[xandram, Nov 04 2007]

quick snswer http://missourifami...afetyqa/qafs320.htm
[xandram, Nov 04 2007]

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       //When I was studying and working, my most stressful moments came about when I found that the milk was off//
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2007

       sp: foul.   

       Powerdered chicken soup could be described as fowl.
Texticle, Nov 04 2007

       baked, my old refridgerator freezes milk all the time. Never had a use for the milk cubes
evilpenguin, Nov 05 2007

       sp: Powdered
jtp, Nov 05 2007

Texticle, Nov 05 2007

acurafan07, Nov 05 2007


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