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Fry an Egg Then Iron Your Shirt

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Fry an Egg Then Iron Your Shirt, is a simple apparatus that enables you take advantage of the otherwise wasted heat from a smoothing Iron.

It comes in two parts:

Part 1 is a pan shaped frying plate, which simply sits on top of the heating surface of the upturned iron. It's held in place by a contoured rim into which the iron slides.

Part 2 is the raised stand that allows the iron, with it's cooking surface in place, to be clamped firmly unto the ironing board.

In future, as your iron heats up to the required temperature, you can fry up a few eggs, then serve them as your partner irons your shirt. (I never iron anything!)

xenzag, Apr 06 2011

A No Nonsense Egg Coddler http://www.google.c...210583664311190009#
[zen_tom, Apr 06 2011]

Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers http://www.englishc...tterns/coddlers.asp
Of various designs etc [zen_tom, Apr 06 2011]

In vogue: iRon T-Shirt http://www.etsy.com...est_first_purchaser
[Dub, Apr 06 2011]


       ...and then fry more eggs as the iron cools down?
hippo, Apr 06 2011

       .... or warm up your socks using another custom built attachment.
xenzag, Apr 06 2011

       ...or, on second thoughts, make tea and toast. You've got to have tea and toast with fried eggs.
hippo, Apr 06 2011

       Having sampled for the first time a couple of years ago, I am a strong advocate of the coddled egg - an egg cooked and served within its own oversized, sealed porcelain egg-cup, which is immersed in boiling water. Quite lovely - a sort of mix between poached and boiled. Dippy, sans-shell, and without the any of the rogueishness of the poached egg.
zen_tom, Apr 06 2011

       [z/t] Interesting - how is the egg-cup sealed? Or, can you find a link to the kind of egg-coddling apparatus to which you refer?
hippo, Apr 06 2011

       Imagine a big egg-cup with a metallic screw-top lid. You break your egg into the egg-cup, and add a half-teaspoon of butter, like in a poaching cup. Then, screw the lid on, and immerse in boiling water for the appropriate amount of time. I'll find a link...
zen_tom, Apr 06 2011

       "The Rogueishness of the Poached Egg".   

       A personal opinion, field study, concept album, or marked-for-tagline? I'll never look at breakfast the same way again.   

       Thanks for sharing that, [zen_tom]. I'm going to have to try that.
normzone, Apr 06 2011


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