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Execution Baked Potato

sing-sing for your supper
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Execution Baked Potato is an item of kitchen ware, used for baking potatoes.

The apparatus is constructed to represent a miniature electric chair, in an enclosure, with the potato being positioned on the seat. The main head electrode holds it in place, in exactly the same way as that of a prisoner about to be executed. For extra effect a small area of skin at the top of the potato may be peeled off prior to electrode deployment.

Once the potato is secured in place, the door of the apparatus is closed over, and you may peer in through a safety glass panel, as the condemned tuber is rapidly cooked to perfection in what is actually a mini microwave/electric oven.

xenzag, Sep 03 2014


       Appalingly bad taste, crass, insensitive and insulting.   


       We'll take a dozen.
8th of 7, Sep 03 2014

       //rapidly cooked to perfection// Before I read the next sentence I assumed you were cooking the potato by running a large electrical current through it.   

       Would that work?
DIYMatt, Sep 03 2014

       Erm, if you're doing the whole Mr Potato Head look, then you're going to need something with a higher melting point than the usual plastic bits.   

       There's a "the potato's eyes went dull..." bit in there somewhere. 00:41hrs here in Tokyo...zzzz   

       (falls asleep and wakes up with "qwerty" impressed on forehead)
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014

       //"qwerty" impressed on forehead //   

       Actually, "ytrewq", seen from the front ...
8th of 7, Sep 03 2014

       //Actually, "ytrewq", seen from the front// - assuming you have a keyboard with all the letters in the right places but printed on the keys in mirror-writing
hippo, Sep 03 2014

       Doesn't everyone ?
8th of 7, Sep 03 2014

       Appallingly bad spelling, 8th. Although the rest of your anno is correct.
DrBob, Sep 03 2014

       I want actual current, not stupid microwaves which probably don't even exist, and if they do make cancer-water which kills teh plants.
bs0u0155, Sep 03 2014

       Not only should this be created, but placed under the observation chairs on actual executions, allowing an energetic ME (master of executions) to announce their presence, Oprah-esque to the excited onlookers.
MikeD, Sep 03 2014

       Sadly true story, but not mine....   

       I was going to say "I was impressed" but surely it was the letters that were impressed? Or not?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014


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