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Fry up irregular objects in your pan!
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Frypan chef! Do you cook only using a frying pan? Frustrated because you can only cook flat things, or things you can flatten? Wish you could cook irregularly-shaped objects?

Now you can! With Frycubes by BUNGCO, convert the surface of your iron skillet into any shape you need. The frying cubes are quarter inch ceramic-covered steel octahedrons, and they come with a large magnet that clamps on the handle of your skillet. With the magnet on, the octahedrons adhere to one another and to the pan. You can then form them into any shape - or let the food form it fo you! For example, press a turkey leg down among the Frycubes. They will nestle around the food, heating it from all sides.

Then take off the magnet and the Fryvubes will come loose. Wash them with your silverware in the dishwasher.

Frypan chef! Now you never need to use anything besides your frypan again!

bungston, Nov 28 2004

For ages 8+ http://www.hearthso...d=0&bc=1005&pgc=362
Cooks on all sides at once and flattens at the same time [Klaatu, Nov 28 2004]

PinPressions http://www.highligh...1000085&sccat=E0905
[jurist, Nov 28 2004]


       I'll take a bucketload.
reensure, Nov 28 2004

       "The ... cubes are ... octahedrons."   

bristolz, Nov 28 2004

       Easy to boil water from your ice cubes!
FarmerJohn, Nov 28 2004

       Instead of quarter inch magnetic cubes, you could employ the concept used in PinPression Pin Art toys (see link) which use pins to replicate any 3D contour or shape and then introduce an electrical source to heat the pins. The smaller diameter pins would provide better surface coverage, especially if you used two units hinged to fully encapsulate the item being cooked, sort of like a pinpression waffle iron or George Foreman griddle. Removable pin plates still clean up in the dishwasher.
jurist, Nov 28 2004

       That sounds like something for BUNGCO.
FarmerJohn, Nov 28 2004


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