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Self-Stirring Frying Pan / Cook Pot

Frying Pan / Cook Pot Which Stirs Itself
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This would be a frying pan or cook pot which stirs its contents, using a strong paddle (not the weak wimpy ones on existing similar products) rotating at the bottom. The pan / pot would use both conductive heating from below, as well as radiative and convective heating by way of a quartz grill with a strong fan built into the top lid. The lid should be able to clamp on, to allow for a pressure cooker mode.
sanman, Oct 22 2013

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[zeno, Oct 22 2013]

Halfbakery: Autotumultatron Autotumultatron
Mamamia [zen_tom, Oct 22 2013]


       Not unless it has a computer to keep stuff from sticking to the bottom, a device to control the stove's heat setting (or at least a variable-efficiency heat sink to partially mitigate overheating) and at least ten other add-ons that I haven't thought of yet.
Voice, Oct 22 2013

       When I was in high school, the chemistry department had something that is relevant to this Idea. It was a "hot plate" that also had a motor built into it, under the plate. You set a beaker of liquid on the hot plate, and you put a little magnet, coated with protective plastic, into the beaker-full of liquid. The motor under the hot plate spun a magnet, which caused the other magnet, in the beaker, to spin along with it, and that kept the liquid nicely stirred.
Vernon, Oct 22 2013

       Shades of a stir plate for making yeast cultures for brewing.
normzone, Oct 22 2013

       // The motor under the hot plate spun a magnet//   

       I'd always assumed it was an array of coils under there, similar to a stepper motor stator.
the porpoise, Oct 22 2013

       No, they're much cruder than that; just a permanent magnet and a small synchronous motor.
8th of 7, Oct 22 2013

       Won't the bit in the middle burn when doing anything remotely sticky? How does it turn things over to evenly cook stuff(e.g. onions)?
TomP, Oct 23 2013


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