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square frying pan

for fried-eggs on toast
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I sometimes like to eat fried eggs on toast, usually on Sundays. My toast is (usually) square because square bread fits best into the toaster.

Unfortunately, my frying pan is circular, so I get circular eggs with large areas of white that flop off the edge of the toast. This has always seemed to me to be sub-optimal.

I would like a square frying pan to make eggs that fit exactly onto a standard square slice of toast (if there is such a thing). The pan should have a mechanism of transferring bubbling oil from under the egg to drip on top, so that the egg cooks properly, and to lift the egg out of the pan when it's done.

bumhat, Jan 20 2006

Lodge Wonder Skillet http://www.dutchove...wonder-skillet.html
"You'll wonder how you ever did without one." [jurist, Jan 20 2006]

It's called a makiyakinabe in Japan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makiyakinabe
[jaksplat, Jan 21 2006]

Square egg ring http://www.instawar...-4.JRO-3747.0.7.htm
[half, Jan 25 2006]

Cheaper. http://www.shopboxu...odID=1508&category=
Oooh, set of 2! [half, Jan 25 2006]

square pans are fried, I mean baked. http://www.pans.com..._Iron_Cookware.html
[xandram, Jan 25 2006]


       Baked -err, fried.
normzone, Jan 20 2006

       I have one of these. It's a common tool in sushi restaurants used for making tamago which is a rectangular, block shaped omelet usually sliced thin and served as nigiri.
jaksplat, Jan 21 2006

       A square cookie cutter does the trick too. Place the cookie cutter in the pan, pour your raw eggs into the center and let it sit long enough for it to solidify. Use a pot holder or tongs to remove the cookie cutter so that you dont get burned.
Jscotty, Jan 21 2006

       We have two small rectangular non-stick frying pans, each almost exactly the size of a slice of bread. They're for making the slightly sweet rolled omelette which goes into some types of sushi.
hippo, Jan 21 2006

       bumhat breakfasts scare me
benfrost, Jan 21 2006

       Even if it is baked, bun for sub-optimal
zeno, Jan 25 2006

       Square egg rings are readily available. They work with pretty much any frying pan and permit the bathing of the topside of the egg with hot oil, though they don't do it automatically.   

       If you want the eggs to really, really form fit the bread, you could always make french toast.   

       {considers posting a bread-shaped egg ring idea, thinks again}
half, Jan 25 2006

       Did you SEE the price of that square egg ring [half]?
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       No. I really don't have to look at prices   

       ...because I know I'm so cheap that I won't buy anything anyway. :-)   

       That price tag is a little steep, but it's a restaurant supply store. There's very likely a cheaper consumer grade one out there somewhere.   

       Yep. ('nother link)
half, Jan 25 2006

       //Circular// so that they're easier to keep clean (doesn't get dirt caught up in the corner/edges) - Why not simply cut the edges off the egg, making it into a square?
Dub, Jan 25 2006

       or use a rounded kind of bread like Italian
xandram, Jan 25 2006


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